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simple furniture were from Zhengding, and the guardians of the boiler rooms and the gates were also from Zhengding."FUJIAN'S

SHED & SMALL BOAT RESIDENTSWhen working in Fujian,▓ Xi often visited families that had lived in▓ thatched she

ds and small wooden boats for generations, and would ponder how to lif

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and rain," Xi said.After doing research, Xi submitted a report to the CPC Fujian

provinc▓ial committee, proposing resettling those living in thatched sheds and small boats."Communist Party members

must have no peace of

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mind, day and night, to see ▓people living in such poor conditions," he said when presiding over a meeting in 1998▓ t

o address the problems

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.Due to Xi's proposal, in a f▓ew years several million people bid fare▓well to an unstable life.

The CPC attached g▓re

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